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Ekstere /ek.'ste.re/
[esperanto ekster+e from latin extra] adverb outside, outward, outdoors.
Vi devus pasigi pli da tempo ekstere! You should spend more time outside!

We design spatial interventions to create engaging public and outside spaces

Ekstere is an Esperanto word meaning 'outside'. And it is precisely the (re-)definition of the outside - that is, the public space - which lies at the core of our mission.
Just like Esperanto, a made-up universal language aiming at creating a worldwide community of speakers, the outside we imagine would be enjoyed by many different users - residents, passers-by and travellers alike.

Public space is a vital element of our cities: it is the place of encounters and community life; it is what shapes the form and identity of cities.
For this, Ekstere seeks to bring out the potential of urban spaces as well as experiment innovative and unusual ways of living the existing urban context.

To achieve this vision, we provide design solutions that include both temporary and long-term spatial interventions.

Who we are


Salvatore is an Architect specialised in Landscape Architecture.


He has worked for over 12 years for different practices, in the UK, Austria and Italy and gained expertise in both local and international projects.

He is passionate about transforming urban spaces to provide people with vibrant outdoor experiences.

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  Salvatore Tabone  

Founder & Architect

Elisabetta is a Social and Political Scientist currently based at the Department of Sociology, University of Vienna.

She has undertaken research on a variety of topics in the field of urban studies.

At Ekstere, she uses her expertise to understand the specific site conditions and explore how to contextualize the proposed design.

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  Dr Elisabetta Mocca  

Urban expert

Ilaria is a Graduate Product Designer at IED Milan.

She collaborated with some design practices, designing objects for internationally renowned brands, bespoke accessories, tools and high-end interior furniture.

She has a passion for plants and a growing interest toward landscape architecture

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  Ilaria Zampieri  

Junior Designer

Nicola is a professional musician and music festival organiser.

He is a recognised Oboist and Accordion Player and has organised many symphonic and folk festivals both in Italy and in the UK.

Nicola is responsible for the planning and implementation of performances related to Ekstere's temporary installations.

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Nicola Barbagli

Artistic Consultant

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